About Us

MRO is specialized in supplying raw materials for industrial use, maintenance, equipment repair company consumable products industry news, office supplies, all necessary equipment for manufacturing companies
Isu Vina Company will be responsible ensuring each customer's cost.

2005. Founded Trading Company Vietnam's first Kim Phat Dat.

2006. Founded production Isu Vina Company uttered 100% foreign capital.

2008. Isu Vina Company began producing insoles seconds.

2008. Isu Vina Company join Seoheung.

2010. Isu Vina Company started making frames and blue Film.

2013. Kim Phat Dat Company invested in factory built home repairs.

2013. Isu Vina Company is the first foreign company to receive licenses to trade.

2014. Isu Vina Company run LED Light.